Spearhead Africa is a full service financing and advisory firm focused on developing private sector solutions to address some of Africa’s most significant challenges.

Our Expertise

Our financial structuring and advisory expertise cuts across various sectors of the economy including infrastructure, real estate, energy, agriculture and public sector and MSME finance, and we are engaged to develop, implement and optimize our clients’ long-term organizational strategies and objectives.

Transaction & Strategy Advisory

Transaction & Strategy Advisory

Project Finance Structuring

Project Finance Structuring

Alternative Asset Investment Strategies

Alternative Asset Investment Strategies

Investment & Development Advisory

Investment & Development Advisory

Micro, Small & Medium Sized Business Finance

Micro, Small & Medium Sized Business Finance

Public SectorFinance

Public SectorFinance

Mobilizing private sector capital and solutions to address some of Africa’s most significant challenges.

To date, we have been involved in the successful structuring and execution of projects and programs valued over USD 1.20 billion and have been engaged on the implementation of flagship public sector initiatives such as Kenya’s Affordable Housing Pillar under the Big 4 Agenda and the Kenya Pension Fund Investment Consortium.


A new apartment costs four times as much as it did

Yet jobs are much less secure, and so tenants and buyers want to spend less on housing. This means as an organisation with real estate holdings, you cannot continue churning out offerings that have no market. You need new solutions.


A great solution begins by identifying a market that has an unmet need. We begin our process here.


With the target in mind we do research to find out what new solutions can be implemented to meet their needs.


With a viable solution in hand we educate all steak holders so it can be used on the ground practically.


We build partnerships on trust so that as effective teams we can deliver solutions that work for all involved.


Nine to five is not enough, great work can be better

We understand that Africa is fast becoming a place where only the highest quality work will actually yield good results and therefore things cannot be done as they always have. We aim for great, and then we aim a little higher.

We know quality

An eye for detail and innovation

We have capacity

A team that delivers every time

We go for the hard

So our clients get the best results

case studies

What it looks like to go make your own road

A selection of projects we have worked on that show what it looks like to do things in a new way, but, keeping to the highest international standards.


We are looking for our next challange. Get in touch

We work with organisations that keep a keen eye on quality and value. If you do the same, get in touch.

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